Purebait Concepts is not just another new bait company on the scene. We are a collective of relatively low key but very experienced and passionate like-minded carp anglers that have developed a bait range to meet all our needs in the quest for big carp. We won’t be spending money on huge advertising campaigns or paying lots of names to push our bait, we trust our customer’s judgement and let the results do the talking!

Our range has been developed and meticulously thought out from a carp anglers perspective, not to just fall in line with market trends or meet a profit margin. The baits are formulated to simply catch carp in any given situation. We have taken into consideration all the aspects and factors that make us scratch our heads with regards to bait and carp feeding scenarios. Scenarios we have found ourselves in over 25 years of carp angling and which has helped us perfect just three baits which we feel covers every angle needed to approach those situations.

Every single ingredient used fulfils a purpose and every single product in the range has a job to do; now it’s ours and your job to put them in front of the carp and turn that dream into a reality.


The latest News and Catches from Pure Bait Concepts

After switching to Purebaitconcepts during the spring Mark Balveren set his sights on some rather large, historic old carp and within a short space of time managed to trip up one of the ones he desired the most. This mega old sloped headed mirror fell to a carefully placed AminoEster margin trap.

Baiting heavily with the Aminoester certainly payed off for Jim Wilkinson when he caught the venues second biggest carp within an hour of casting out and then the biggest resident on his second day trip. Jim used heavily prepped up mixed size freebies with Ester active liquid food and Ester prep powder.

During January Darren Clarke decided to reignite his quest for the big common in his local syndicate But, this time using the Aminoester. The first night out he managed a small fully scaled which bolstered his confidence but, then on the second night all his dreams became reality as he netted this pristine common which went 45.10 on the scales. An epic start with the Ester, 2nd night in and job done!


Meet the team that put our baits through their paces out in the field

In a market where anglers have been so institutionalised  by massive media hype from the main players it’s hard for people to understand the importance of a quality bait. It seems a forgotten trait, people seem happy to be using mass produced low quality ingredients. When Tom White brought it to my attention he wanted to bring back top quality ingredients and a bait full of nutrition and maximum attraction – with the sole purpose to catch big carp – I was buzzing. Find me a more thought out quality product – that does what it was designed to do – and I will eat my hat.

Tommy first came onto my radar about 6 years ago when we first started chatting on instagram. We quickly found we had a very likeminded (obsessive ) attitude to our bait preparation. 

I knew from the off that he really knew what he was talking about when it came to bait science and application. 

I’ve since started my own bait business,  Big Dog Particles  because I really didn’t think anyone was doing stuff to the level I was, using fermentation and old school methods prepping Tigers. I like to think Tommy was inspired to do the same  with his boilies, as thats where his knowledge lies. 

 As soon as he started selling commercially I came on board. I had total confidence in the baits he was sending me and the opportunity to be involved with the development of new products that  really push the boundaries is a project that I’m very excited about . 


Pure Bait Concepts provides me with bait containing the highest quality natural ingredients available today. With access to an incredibly diverse selection of liquids and additives, sourced from all around the world, it’s clear to see why it works so well. Phenomenal bait which is consistent every single time.

For the last two years I’ve been using the Pure Bait Concepts range.
A good quality bait is an essential factor in my approach. Fishing the big Dutch rivers and low stock pits I need a no nonsense bait that gives good food signals, it’s just simple as that. Right from the start on receiving my first batch of Amino Marine I wasn’t disappointed.
When you take a closer look at the hookbait range you just see the time and effort that is put into the bait by Tom.

I’ve used a few bait companies over the years and have always been lured in by one word, quality.
This is why I choose to use Pure Bait Concepts. Tom’s pursuit of the finest ingredients for his mixes and the lengths he goes to, to ensure the hookbaits are the most attractive item out there are second to none.
I don’t get as much time as I’d like to fish nowadays so it’s nice to know I’ve got the best you can buy in the water for the limited time I get.
I really feel that these baits are on a different level to anything else available at the moment, and the list of incredible fish caught will I’m sure will keep increasing.

As a husband and father of two, I usually have little time at my disposal. When fishing ultra-hard waters far from home – like many of you do – every part of my fishing has to be bang on. That includes using a quality bait, prepped with the best natural liquids and additives. I got to know Tom as a passionate and no-nonsense likewise angler, for who only the best is good enough. By fishing with his range I know the quality of my bait is absolutely spot on.


Our anglers pass on tips and tricks learned from their experiences to help you improve your fishing and put more carp on the bank.

Tucked out of the way is an old gravel pit which was used many years ago to construct the two A roads which it sits between. Gravel extraction ceased around 1950 and the pit started its transformation into an incredibly desirable and challenging fishing lake.

Consultant James Wilkinson gets into some amazing carp whilst angling on short sessions between working offshore and balancing
family life.

The Purebaitconcepts owner Tom White recounts a challenging spring/summer project where his physical and mental resolve was tested to its limits.

Pure Bait’s Tom White talks through prepping your bait, loading them with liquids and powders for maximum attraction and longterm pulling power.

Jim Wilkinson re-lives the story of his hard fought campaign to capture a very old and special carp called Pinky.

We will have a new article for you to read soon.


Carp fishing is all about the hunt, the challenge and the rewards. 
Follow our anglers as they set out on new adventures, share the highs and the lows that is, Pure carp fishing.











The end of the chase, that moment when all the hard work and effort is rewarded with one of your target fish in your hands. Our baits have accounted for quite a few targets over the last few years, so grab a brew and enjoy them with us….


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