Amino Marine Prep Powder


This highly attractive and water soluble powder is 100% natural and has been formulated to create edges and take any baiting scenario to a whole new level.

It can be used as a stick/bag mix, added to a spod mix or used to coat baits when using our Active liquids or oils.

Available in 500g or 3kg buckets.


Being derived from the Amino Marine bait this powder is naturally potent and extremely attractive being packed full of naturally occurring amino acids. A blend of 4 fishmeals long with large inclusions of pure natural extracts, adding this to your armoury is a huge edge. The highest grade Liver powder, Shrimp and Green lipped mussel extract provide both the olfactory and gustatory attraction on a whole new 100% natural level. See bait prep article for suggested use.

Available in 500g or 3kg buckets.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

3kg, 500g


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